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Enter the world of charcoal cooking, you can feel, smell and definitely taste the flavour of bichotan (charcoal from Japan) imparted in our food. Signature natural unaju (eel) from Japan has a pillowy texture, which, after grilling and glazed with our own formulated sauce, turns into the best sea candy you have ever tried.

Japanese Waygu Beef is sous vided and then kissed by the fierce charcoal grill. After the crust, there comes the buttery softness and tonnes of beefy flavour. Our clay pot rice is a labour of love, rice went through many stages of preparation, cooked with dashi, topped with top-notch ingredients, such as uni.

Throughout the year, seasonal ingredients are interlaced with our regular menu items and are showcased at Koji, offering dinners an opportunity to try what is freshest.

Besides lunch and dinner, Koji’s boutique size is ideal for small parties, making it a popular choice for any celebratory events with friends.

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Mon - Fri : 11:30am to 2:00pm,
6:00pm to 10:00pm
Sun : Closed

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